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+++ Nikolausgaben 2020 +++ Edition +++ wunschlos glücklich +++Salzwedel Monika Thoms +++


Bonus-Edition 2020
mit Wallnuss-Zimt-Akkupressur und Geruchskiller- Funktion
Diese Erfindung des Jahres 2020 für die Nikolausgaben 2020 im
wunschlos glücklich LADEN
Breite Straße 24
20416 Salzwedel
ist eine außerordentliche Sensation!

Quitte die Herzensfrucht!

sind multifunktional sensationell!


zum baldigen oder auch späteren …Verzehr geeignet –
als harte Schuhsohle eine Dauerware, die sich für die echte Hungersnot
aufsparen lassen könnte – ebenso mit ihren weiteren Vorteilen…


passend besorgt: Dazu bitte hier im Laden ihre Schuhgröße angeben und die
Ware kurzfristig mit Vorauskasse noch fürs Weihnachtsfest bestellen
– –
so funktioniert sie als ökologische, ideale Aktivierung des Immunsystems über
die Fußsohle. Vornehmlich in Hausschuhen zu tragen im „Home office“.


Zimtzugabe gegen Geruchsbelästigung durch Fußschweiß –
in diesem Fall auch in Arbeitsschuhen und Sportschuhen empfohlen.
Wählen Sie hierzu die Slim Version von 1 mm.


Nehmen Sie teil an einem saisonalen Feldereignis:

Auch Hildegard von Bingen hat
die Quitte als Herzensfrucht besonders hervorgehoben.
Die Quitte wirkt direkt gegen Depression und Kummer, ebenso auf die Kehle,
die das Sprachrohr des Herzens ist.
Unsere Stimmbänder genießen die Quitte auch über das Aroma.
Zu unserer Zeit des Umbruchs in das neue Wassermannzeitalter
(Beginn am 21.12.2020 – So ist es nun angekreuzt:
als totsicherer Beginn – Da sind sich alle einig!
Selbst Frau Merkel denkt nicht weiter als bis zum 20.12. 2020…)
Das ist ein Himmlisches Kunstwerk:
Jupiter + Saturn in Konjunktion im Wassermann }
synonym zu : Quitte und Du! = mit sich selbst quitt sein!
Also lege sie ein die


und erkenne ihren unschätzbaren Wert
für dein Immunsystem.

Damit bist du bestens vorbereitet für deinen „Home-SINGsang“
zur Verstärkung deiner Weihnachtsgesundheit!
Singe mit allen anderen durchs Fenster oder vom Balkon am 24.12.
2020 um Mitternacht „Stille Nacht , Heilige Nacht“
als unsere
bürgerliche Kunst der Weihnachtsflashmopbewegung
#Alles Gute


+++ Nikolausgaben 2020 +++ Edition +++ wunschlos glücklich +++
+Breite Straße 24 +Salzwedel+ Monika Thoms +++

Taste the Chocolate This Objekt is part of a serial work of inspiring reminder-objects to change our attitudes and habits started in 2006 with unusual objects for a giving from St. Nikolaus on the 6th of Dec.

In the immedeate process of percieving this object the perciever is directly connected with either the emotion of desire or rejection.

This connection is important for our inner transformation. It determines the condition of our energetic Vitality.

What we transform is the attached emotional energy.

We free ourselves from the mental delusions and cleanse our inner energytracks like with a toilet brush – in that way that we put all our attention to our relation to our breath, and to hold this as still as possible, ( like we become more somanautic looking within at the so called silent cabin WC or like being in any other waiting situation, standby.) Then we direct our attention to the apparent feeling of the afflicting emotion of greed, hatred and ignorance. Through the means of conscious breathing in and out we bring these into vibration and movement and transform them into clear insight, which frees us from magnetized habitual patterns.

We can simply use this reminderobject as a daily tool for actualizing our emotional situation, same like our computersystem constantly checks the incoming virus epidemics.

Freed from all obstacles we recognize the clarity of the taste of sweetness in a pure way.


Taste the Chocolate invites to enter into the realm of ritual. You can even put it to the authentic place of stillness, or just on any available hook, intending to emphasize he inner truth and stillness of any space within or around us.

The artist Monika Thoms would be happy to get any message about your practical life experience with this reminder-object.

Please, do not hesitate to get into contact for your shared transformation story and email at

Thank you!

Kreistanz der Chromosomen / Circle dance of the chromosomes

„KR CHR …KR..“ The fire in the middle and humanity in circle. Archetypes of wounds of our ancient body, our dreambody healing in the togetherness of today. The characteristics of my movements are my motivations, I repeat them in ongoing variation. Anyhow our decisions are or are not done in the feeling of connectedness or astonishment? Our genpool offers us a structure only, what we are filling into our possibilities of lifeforms, what our sons and daughters and generations to follow will perform in their lifes, how life will change? We do not know and cannot control! My vision is gigantic: In the circle dances we empower our genes, and this will support the human race to survive. We give our cells the information of being recovered and healed renewed to create the new life of future. This we feel in the deep connectedness of our bodies and cells while we dance. The bees are the wonderful magic example how to transmit the knowledge of life to the next generations.

Die kostbare Empfindung des Glücks auf dem rätselhaften Weg der Lichtwellen unserer Erinnerung entlang der Farben meiner Mütze auf der ich beim Malen saß / The precious feeling of happiness along the colours of my hat on which I sat, while I was painting

The title shows how I proceeded in the small serial of paintings belonging together which came to existence 2018. All started with this painting. I dreamed this time to melt into one moment, this being in different times and states of consciousness in one open space of different levels, lucid. Like in a dream I can shift with the tides wherever I want to go along my associations. In my waterlike being of my body, in the metabolism I stay open to become new with every drop of liquid dripping into the nerval system into my bodyform. However, my unique personal way of experiencing and feeling my body stays stable. How can this at all? Why is this feeling and consciousness so important and where does it come from? In the end looking back – I notice the following: My bottom seems to have the ability to be aware of the colours and to transfer them to my brain.? Or did I have a short unconscious glance kept it somewhere in the guts to fill into the painting as my favourite colours to paint with. Are favourite habbits chosen by chance? Or just by repeating? What makes us identify with a certain form anyway?

Nabelschnurheilung / Healing of the Umbilical cord

All begins with a sensation of pulling. A whirl of move into space. Circumambulating around timeline. It developes into a funnel out of liquid, blood. Then there are plenty of colours and a form of an embryo. And beings in the forms of animals. And then the awareness of the umbilical cord. The connection of blood to be nourished and detoxed… at the same time intoxicating. When I finished this dreamy painting of an unborn human in the generation of its form, suddenly I knew I loved my cord and placenta and I healed all wounds according to relation and feelings of abandonation. The placenta is the world of archetypes of images popping up, they support and keep us in our inner being. I found back to the communication with them. It is wonderful, to hold the unborn life by touching the womb of the pregnant woman, to inspire this communication and connectedness between mother and child. This is my favourite material as an artist! Working just with softest touch with the unborn unseen human body.

Vision der 84-jährigen Wattführerin Moni vom dritten und vierten Vendrikelinder Tide / Vision of the 84 years old guide through the watts, Moni, of the third and fourth vendrikel in the tide

I call my inner appearances imaginations visions. However, directly understood they are very clear and multilevel appearances like revelations. If I try to give these definitions, I come nearest to them by long poetic titles, in which I try to describe my feelings about them in a narrative way. Visible are forms which look like aliens. They are actually inside every human head. Unseen they are but you can feel them. Everybody has them more or less stormy moved. Liquids moving in the hollow caves of our brainstructures, flooded with nourishing liquid organizing all our body functions… What will be my life alike when I am 84 years old? Will I have time for painting? In the watts, the mudd with a stick for walking I will draw and the tide will take it all into the water… In my mind I will not cling to my thoughts, but look at them like drawings on the surface of water, detached from the search for meaning I will let go the meaning of life? Will I reach the other shore? As a mystic I hope for clarity and blissful transition.