Free Bodywork

I look at myself as grounded in my human body as a being among others on this earth interrelated and interconnected and as a catalyst of clarity and inspiration working transpersonal with my own body to reflect the themes of our times, integrating our individual background of family, generation, country, humanity. I take my time everyday to be in touch with my body.

I give my knowledge, experience and actual my natural open and conscious body itself in order to support beings to find their ways through all kinds of challenges.

Bodywork is beyond intellectual approach and directly gives intuitively what is needed in many ways of touching, listening and leading to the stillness and source of refreshing rest inside.

Most satisfactory for me is the subtle bodywork with pregnants and newborn babies as well as relaxing dying human beings.

To be in this human body is a blessing itself.
To feel grounded in my body means, to know as much as possible about the body as a living, wholistic instrument for being on this earth.

The three spheres of Body:
The physical body with its embryology and generation, growing, functioning, decaying…dying.

The emotional, energetic body with all ups and downs, feelings to share and socialized in a setting as well as global collective organism and archaic ingraved patterns of human behaviour and evolution.

The conscious body, the mindfulness in all our parts and in our wholistic understanding of our identity and transpersonal outreach of our heart as an electromagnetic field sending its blessing out in a radius of seven generations.

All bodywork is about integrating the horizon into our lifeform – body mind and energy.

I am trained in many ways, just listing as it happened in row:

As child:
Directly by nature, touching the elements directly and being outside everyday in woods, riversides, watts and moving freely wherever I need to go. Listening to the sounds of nature, watching the dawn and starlight, swimming in streams, rivers, lakes and seas, in breaking waves. Sporting as much as possible, running speeding, athletics, gymnastics, dancing…and singing also choir singing since my 7th year.

As young adult:
Hatha-Yoga, Pranayama (breathing), Qui Gong, Kundalini-Yoga, chinese Tuina self-massage, free movement after Suprabto, Performance body trainings.

After art college:
Intensifying bodyworks in the following techniques:
marcial arts, Ving Tsun Kun, Jeetkundo, hospiz movement as listeneing and supporting bodies in beriefment and studying the energetics of doing in the wholistic Tibetan book of living and dying, being with dying humans, visional cranosacral bodywork, Hugh Milne institute Hamburg, specializing later for newborn, pregnants, children.
Sat Nam Rasayan as healing art of the Kundalini-Yoga-System, Myofascial release,
tibetan yoga, Tsa lung, subtle inner bodywork combining breath vision and movement developing my own way to integrate guided intuitive meditations also as feeding inner demons to clear deep dark sufferings in our body.
Tibetan pulsing after Kalpa, alias Renate Buechner Todtmoos-Au.
The „Malort“, le close lieu, after Arno Stern, a biological consequence in habitualizing the vitality in regular expression with free painting in groups with more than one generation, realizing painting as a human way of ongoing bodyrelated growth and vitality.
Somatic experience

See under dropdown menue what I offer and how I reflect my work in poetry and healing songs as well as painting and performance.
Each treatment I give is leaving a gift behind in my body consciousness and I feel very inspired. Often artwork is my expression of gratitude.