born 1966 in Eckernförde, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany.

College of Fine Arts, Hamburg
class of Sigmar Polke, Marina Abramovic and Henning Christiansen,
contact with many inspiring international artists of all genres.

Diploma as Free Artist
after free work in many different media: glass design and free objects, drawing, painting, photography, performance, music and soundsculpture, installation, social projects, social plastic after Joseph Beuys, video and film, bodywork and healing.

since 2002
living in the Altmark, Saxony-Anhalt with family, three children ( born 1989, 1996 , 2001), with a huge natural yard and animals and also spending time planting endlessly and living in an ecological lifestyle, integrated into the local activities including choire-singing and interacting in the cultural regional programs throughout the year.

since 1999
investigating into Bodywork mainly as a visionary craniosacral bodyworker and
in healing with Sat Nam Rasayan, the buddhist path of the middle way, alternative school development in the Freie Schule Altmark e.V. and more than ten years of activity in the hospice movement.

Music has always been an important facette of my work: singing in choirs all my life and practicing several instruments, mainly flutes, shakuhachi, akkordeon, and always keen on learning more…



13 February – 12 March
Bodylanguage , Plazzo Ca´Zanardi, Venice, Italy, It’s liquid, 4 paintings and opening Performance „Bluebird’s Call“ 18 min, Monika Thoms Lifeperformance following a soundtrack-collage of Monika Thoms.


26 November – 1 December
• Art Riga Performance-Event Taste the chocolate opening of the art fair Riga , railway museum, Riga.

22 September – 22 December
• Hirn und Hand, Community presentation of fresh paintings, Antje Lutz and Monika Thoms, Galerie Kolborn Kapellenstrasse 14, Germany.

• Schoolproject „Artists at schools“, Bench with Mosaic, together with Sven Strauß, at GS Gardelegen, Altmark, Germany.

2015 – 2018 will follow later


29 May – 15 June
• Flurstücke, Monika Thoms – Painting , Soloexhibition in Tylsen Kuhstall, Comprehensive show of oilpaintings from the beginning to updating works.

25 February
• Celebration of the End Youthfilmproject in Salzwedel „Always look on the bright side of life!?“

2013 – 2014
• Monika Thoms head of Project of the youth filmproject around the item Beriefmentwork death and worries, A project of „Kultur macht Stark“.


21 September
• Start and first Workshops of “Jugendfilmprojket zum Thema Trauer” together with Offenen Kanal Salzwedel.

6 – 8 September
Wagen und Winnen, first Artfestival of the northwest Altmark Fluxusevent and Longlife culinarities in Baars on the yard of the artist Monika Thoms, since then continual annual activities for Wagen und Winnen art festival.

• Training for „Hospiz macht Schule“.

23 March
• Mönchskirche Salzwedel: Stones and Voices Collaboration in the soundevent of Carl Vetter, Langenappel, Altmark, Germany.

16 March
• The danced Aramaic Lords prayer Father-Mother-Prayer together with Britta Haquiqqa Kittel in front of the Altarpiece in the Mönchskirche Salzwedel, Germany.

11 March
• Memorial Day of Tibetan call for justice and Fukushima
in front of the Altarpiece in the Mönchskirche Salzwedel, Germany
interactive event with one day program consisting of local artist’s activities and school classes in the morning together with the local artist Carl Vetter and his stone sound installations, later Jazzband of the musicschool as well as a trio of young musicians, the local brasschoir of the St. Marien church and a long embracing performance of Peter Weber from the Wendland, Altmark, Germany.

12 January
• Opening of the new experimental Studio „wunschlos glücklich“ (wishless happy) continuous social plastic art lab
Body- cultural- and consciousness work , Breite Strasse 24, 29410 Salzwedel, Germany.


4 November 2012 – 1 April 2013
• Presentation of the Altarpiece in the Mönchskirche Salzwedel. Many dialogues between artist and schoolclasses out of the area of Salzwedel, Germany.

4 – 12 February
• Presentation and Artist in Residence at St. Peters , UK
Art platform one week full program
„Prayer of the Mother for her Son „, in St Peter’s church, Notting Hill, London, and new paintings at artgallery, collaboration with Peter Yard Martin, London, organist and free musician and composer, Anne Kristensen, Denmark, choreographer for free dance, St Peter’s gospel choir and sikh naad yoga musicians from the Raj Academy, London, South Hall and Birmingham.

• „Prayer of the Mother for her Son“, in Nikolaikirche , Gardelegen, Altmark, Germany, collaboration with Liedreiz, vocal ensemble, Gardelegen, Britta Phillipsen, free singer.

• Opening of the memory installation rooms at the Birthhouse of Jenny von Westphalen, later Jenny Marx, Salzwedel, Steady installation in the public, Jenny-Marx-Strasse, Building of the local music school, fotosequence,
The truth is burning in my heart“.

31 March
• First presentation in the Mönchskirche, Salzwedel, local townhall and contemporary artist town gallery, opening performance with the first improvising string orchestra, E.i.S. with one week of musical events, organized by Monika Thoms

• „Prayer of the Mother for her Son“, monumental altar, oilpainting.

• Presentation of “ The truth is burning in my heart“, 70 minutes art video.

• nominated for the work „Jenny“, “ The truth is burning in my heart“ working out a film on the personal life of Jenny Marx, b. von Westphalen, in the open channel Salzwedel, OKS.

• „Jenny“, art contest, Förderverein des Stipendiatenhauses in Salzwedel, „Path of the unanswered questions“, poesie installation and “ The truth is burning in my heart“, photographic work.

• 1. Event Art for Kids, „Fratzenfreunde“, oilpainting, Salzwedel,
charity for local youth projects.

• social networking, engagement for free school system, organizing charity concerts for local free schools.

• „searching an image in Sand“ Varanasi, India, international art festival, Birth Anniversary of Guru Ram Chhatpar, „conch“, a sculpure in sand, poetry, among the best 20 sculpturers.

• „Old peoples faces“, portrait drawings in a home for old people in ergotherapeutic group, Karlsturm, Salzwedel.

• Hansetage Salzwedel, Group show , portraits.

• „kulturbereit, Kunststrand“/“ready for art, Artshore“, Salzwedel, sand installation inside and in front of my experimental art space.

• Fountain, fluxus, „leerreich“ in Merseburg.

• „Ansichten“, EON, drawings on canvas, group show.

• „Looking for a place to sleep – Decemberwalk“ as holy family with donkey, Salzwedel.

• 24 hour event in St. Gertraude, „let the coat of love wrap you, so you can let fall the coat of suffering“, Salzwedel, long night of churches, and day of heritage monuments.

• „kulturbereit“, own experimental art space in Salzwedel, interactive performance in the street, innovative art shows, fluxus events, art partnership „leerreich“ with Frank Platte.

• Schloss Willigrad, Kaminzimmer, glass.

• „The vision of the eagle“ planning, design and socialwork for a townsquare, high spot of political movement in town got the result of pushing away any new building and succeeding to install a permanent open meeting ground in the public with fountain, interactive completion in 2011.

• „Bodhicitta“ „the awakened heart“, Bella-Donna-Haus, Bad Oldesloe, portraits in ink, playing the flute.

• „Unser täglich Brot gib uns heute“ /“Our daily bread give us today“, opening of the Eurolandartfestival , installation with letters made out of old bread and christian songs, Taize, in Apenburg, Altmark.

• Excursion with a committee of the Altmark to France, Fluxus, planting of trees.

• „Moments of silence“ paintings, Bella-Donna-Haus, Bad Oldesloe, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany.

• „mein Algentraum“/“ My dream of algae“ graphic works, paintings with algae and Fluxus concert for harp and three harmonica in the town libary, Klötze, Germany.

• „Ich atme den Engel der Gegenwart“, “ I breath the angel of now“ graphic work, Salzwedel, and glass galerie in Jurisch, Salzwedel, Germany.

• International Glass Symposium Novy Bor, hotshop, presentation in
Liberec, Czech Republic.

1997 – 1999
• Mercantile at international fair in Frankfurt, Germany.


• Glass for Mercantile, three editions presented at the international fair in Frankfurt, Germany.

• Glass Museum, Immenhausen, ( GS, catalogue).

• Wertheimer glassart, free glass design.

• 3. North-european crafts fair, collection of innovative furniture (GS), a glass table and a
poetic cupboard exclusive.

• Rosenthal Studiohaus, Hamburg, innovative glass design.

• Glass for Warnecke, Hamburg, Germany.

1995, 1996 , 1997
• Gallery L, PEPITA FUN SLOUP Hamburg, innovative glass objects made in Ajeto, CR.

• Plainair, oilpainting in Schleswig-Holstein, Niebüll, Germany.