Taste the chocolate, Art Riga 2019

Taste the Chocolate This Objekt is part of a serial work of inspiring reminder-objects to change our attitudes and habits started in 2006 with unusual objects for a giving from St. Nikolaus on the 6th of Dec.
In the immedeate process of percieving this object the perciever is directly connected with either the emotion of desire or rejection.
This connection is important for our inner transformation. It determines the condition of our energetic Vitality.
What we transform is the attached emotional energy.
We free ourselves from the mental delusions and cleanse our inner energytracks like with a toilettebrush – in that way that we put all our attention to our relation to our breath, and to hold this as still as possible, ( like we become more somanautic looking within at the so called silent cabin WC or like being in any other waiting situation, standby.) Then we direct our attention to the apparent feeling of the afflicting emotion of greed, hatred and ignorance. Through the means of conscious breathing in and out we bring these into vibration and movement and transform them into clear insight, which frees us from magnetized habitual patterns.
We can simply use this reminderobject as a daily tool for actualizing our emotional situation, same like our computersystem constantly checks the incoming virus epidemics.
Freed from all obstacles we recognize the clarity of the taste of sweetness in a pure way.
Taste the Chocolate invites to enter into the realm of ritual. You can even put it to the authentic place of stillness, or just on any available hook, intending to emphasize he inner truth and stillness of any space within or around us.
The artist Monika Thoms would be happy to get any message about your practical life experience with this reminder-object.

Please, do not hesitate to get into contact for your shared transformation story and email at leerheit@gmail.com

Thank you!