It’s liquid – Artist of the month – Künstlerin des Monats Oktober 2020

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Monika Thoms
Understanding my artist work as a social plastic contribution of innovative and integrating forms I integrate life onto art and art into life. This is the reason of a big variety of means in my work reaching from ready made to glass design, video, performance, drawings, painting to sound sculptures… Music always has been an important part of my work: singing in choirs all my life and practicing several instruments, mainly flutes, shakuhachi, accordeon, and always keen on learning more… Creating sound sculptures in real and digital form placing them into spaces. As you can see my glass work is on very high standard. Luckily I could collaborate with the best glass workers of CR in the end of the last century. I got direct insight by working with them for about 6 years. Glass is still my dream material to explore!

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